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Lake Saimaa Roller Ski Marathon is a classic rollerski competition held in Rauha-Ukonniemi -area, between the two Spa Hotels by the Lake Saimaa in two towns Imatra and Lappeenranta, South Carelia Finland. The track also visits the Imatra Roller-ski track in Ukonniemi Stadium. The race track is 10 km long and there will be six laps starting and finishing in the Ukonniemi Stadium. While racing, one can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the largest lake in Finland, Saimaa. 

Ukonniemi area has one of the best roller ski conditions in Finland with a modern shooting range. There are about 4500 beds in 3 km distance from the stadium, in two spa hotels, on smaller hotel and plenty of high quality cottages.

The race will be held in 18.8.2024

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The competition will take place only on Sunday 18.8. Starting time 10:00.

Team Capteins' Meeting 17.8.2024, 18:00 in Imatra Spa

All the series get the skis from organizer. Ski giving starting one hour before the race.

Athletes in all series use transponders.

News and contact info