Competition starting times & disciplines (all local time)


Sunday 18.8.2024 

10:00 Men and Women Elite classic, 10:05 Men and Women recreational classic, 10:10 Men and Women elite and recreational free


Competition venue 
Ukonniemi Stadion
Ottelukatu 11

55420 Imatra, Finland


South Carelian Ski District; Ski Clubs Imatran Urheilijat and Lappeen Riento.

Contact person
Kari Ahonen
+358 400 716 386



Latest 15.8.2024, 15:59 (local time)


Athletes who have Visma Ski Classics points have a privilege to classic elite series in ranking order. Next category to elite series is athletes who have FIS distance points in ranking order. Maximum number of athletes accepted in elite series is 80 in both men’s and women’s competition in all. 

The recreational series has no limits in entries. The 30km free series have same limits.

Each competitor must have the insurance against accidents of their own or by their club/team.


Entry fees
Recreational series 60km 40€

Elite series 6okm 60€

Elite and recreational series 30km 30€

Afterward entries are accepted until 16.8.2024, 16:00 (local time). Normal entry fee + 15€.


Roller Skis

The classic elite series have Marwe Classic roller skis with ........ wheels given one hour before the start. The recreational series get the same skis if there is enough. Otherwise they can compete with their own classic (grip wheel) roller skis. In case of lost or not returned skis, the organizer will charge the competitor 600€ fee. The 30km series compete with Marwes 6-wheel free rollerskis.

Other equpment

Helmet and eye shields are obligatory.


The courses

The course is 10km long, (see the map in finnish wep site ''kilpailureitti''.  The competition will be 6 x 10km = 60km and 3 x 10km = 30km. The map of the course can be seen also in the Stadium in the info board.


Bib numbers

You can get the bib numbers in the race office during it’s opening times. The bib numbers are not to be returned.



The transponders are given to all competitors beginning at 9:00. In case of lost or not returned transponder, the organizer will charge the competitor 100€ fee. . Recreational series do not use transponders. 


Start lists and results

The start lists in elite classic series are composed first in Ski Classics ranking order and secondly in FIS distance points order. If there is still space in elite series, those who have registered for elite series without any points are lotted in start lists. The results are in the events website. The start lists in free elite series are composed in FIS points ascending order and if any, then lotted.



If you have done the entry but you don’t start, the organizer will not return the entry fee.


Giving up

When giving up you must take the bib number and the transponder to the finish officers (not through the finish line).


Race Office
The Race Office will be located at the Ukonniemi stadium

Opening times (local):

Sun 18.8. 2024 (8:00 – until the end of the competition)

Bib numbers are available in the morning of the competition.



ExTime/Imatran Urheilijat Ski Club



Coaching is allowed everywhere except in the stadium area.


Service Points

Organizers drinking point is available at the stadium for each lap. There are juice and water available.

Award ceremony for the three best athletes at the stadium right after each competition.

The classic elite series prizes are:

  1. Winner                    600€
  2. Second                   300€
  3. Third                       150€

The free elite series prizes are:

  1. Winner                    150€
  2. Second                   100€
  3. Third                       50€

The recreational series' three best get a prize of goods. Furthermore, 150€ prize is lotted among all the competitors and another 150€ is lotted among all the recreational competitors. 

If the prize money can’t be paid to athletes ski club or team (so that club/team can pay prize to an athlete based on expenses) the organizer must announce the income to tax authorities or in case of a foreign competitor the organizer must withhold tax at source (15%).


Service cabins and team rooms
There are cabins to rent. You can use them also as team rooms. The price is 200€/weekend. Ask for cabins /


Equipment, lockers and toilets

Near the starting area there is a place where the warm up clothes can be left during competition. The locker rooms of the Ukonniemi Arena are available during the competition for dressing and showering. There are several toilets in the stadium area.



Parking for the competitors and coaches are shown in the area map and guided by signs beside nearby streets. See more details in the map.



Arrival to the competition venue is guided from the street Lammassaarentie. For more details visit for instance google maps/Ottelukatu.


Partners of race organization in accommodation are published in the web site under title accommodation partners.


Competition Jury
Chief of Competition
Kari Ahonen, +358 400 716386