Here you can find all the necessary information of the event


Venue and race office

The venue is Ukonniemi Stadium (Ottelukatu 11, 55420 Imatra, Finland). Competitors will find all the necessary services and information there. The race office is at thestadium and the opening times are: 

Sun 12.9. 2021, 8:00 – to the end of the race

Bib numbers are given in yhe morning of the rece.

Venue Map


Saturday 11.9.2021

18:00 Team Capatains' meeting in Imatra Spa

Sunday 12.9.2021

10:00 Roller Ski Classic, 60km, 6 x 10km

The start lists are composed as follows: In the first group are the athletes who have Visma Ski Classics points (in ranking order). The second group are the athletes who have FIS distance points (in FIS points order). If there is space in elite series, those who have entered there are lotted in the third group. 


Race Course

60 km race makes 6 loops in the 10km race course between Imatra Spa Hotel and Holiday Club Saimaa resort. Course follows the shoreline of Lake Saimaa, with the beautiful scenery of the largest lake in Finland.

Race map

Service cabins and team rooms

It is possible to rent a cabin at the stadium for price of 200€/weekend. Enquiries and bookings

Prize money

Three best athletes from all series will receive prize money.  Award ceremony will take place at the stadium right after each competition.

Elite series

  1. Winner                    800€
  2. Second                   400€
  3. Third                       200€

Recreational series:

  1. Winner                    150€
  2. Second                   100€
  3. Third                       50€

Furthermore, 150€ prize is lotted among all the competitors and another 150€ is lotted among all the recreational competitors.



Register to the race Latest 7.9.2021, 15:59 (local time). Registration will be opened soon.

Men’s elite - max. 80-100 participants

Men’s recrational – no limit in entries

Women’s elite - max. 80-100 participants

Women’s recrational – no limit in entries

Athletes who have Visma Ski Classics points have a privilege to elite series in ranking order. Next category to elite series is athletes who have FIS distance points in ranking order.